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February was an exciting month, ending with a marathon meeting on the park above the library.  It was standing room only:  people were lined up out the door to speak, and I have to echo what Councilman Selich said.  I’ve never been at a meeting where so many people spoke so thoughtfully.  Afterwards I received numerous emails, some thanking me, others lamenting that they had ever voted for me. 

Some of the other things that occurred during February include:

1.  Santa Ana Heights PAC

This is really a committed group of people working to protect and improve their neighborhood. There are things that they feel have not been handled well, but instead of ploughing the pastures of rancor, they are able to focus on the present and the future, part of which includes a new fire station that is nearing completion.


 2.  Parking

The Economic Development Committee invited Dr. Donald Shoup of UCLA to do a presentation on parking. 


Dr. Shoup has done a fascinating study of Westwood Village showing that in the course of a year people driving around looking for parking spots cover enough miles for a trip to the moon.  This can be eliminated, he feels, by always having a fifteen percent parking vacancy rate, and this is accomplished with variable rates that reflect demand.  There will be a lot of conversation on his ideas. 


There was also a study session on “Parking In-Lieu Fees”, and it was decided to have the Economic Development Committee weigh in on reinstituting this.

3.  Energy Presentation

I attended the Orange County Division of the League of California Cities which featured a presentation on energy savings.  There were some eye-opening savings possibilities on things like computers and vending machines. 


I’ve asked staff to come back with the costs of doing an energy audit on city facilities. 


4.  Waste Seminar

I also attended a seminar on zero waste.  One of the most interesting aspects is the way many of these “environmental” issues are turning into big money-savers for the involved entities.



March Topic:  City's Wi-Fi Project


The city is considering a city-wide wi-fi network and has gotten proposals from a half-dozen companies. 


There has been concern expressed from a few residents.  These focus on health and parental control issues. 


I’d like to hear whether you think such a network is a great opportunity or whether you share those concerns or have others.



Future Topic Suggestions


This is a two-way process, so please don’t hesitate to contact me with your ideas and opinions.



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