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We wish.  There is quite a number of boats anchored off Big Corona right now.  Some of them are there for a brief layover before sailing off to new adventures, but some of them look like they couldn't sail to the bell buoy, and there's the rub.  Some may be derelicts which could end up on the beach during a storm.  Others have live-aboards, and when they don't stir for weeks on end, concerns are raised about what's happening with the contents of the toilet or whatever the nautical term is,  particularly when Big Corona has had some water quality hits lately.  City staff is working with Harbor Patrol to figure out what can be done, beginning with who has jurisdiction.

At his request, members of the City Council met with Congressman Campbell. The City and other stakeholders have contributed their share of funds for the Upper Bay dredging project and want the federal government to come up with its share so the project can be completed.  The congressman is well known for his position on earmarks which means that elected representatives from other districts have had to take the lead on this issue. The meeting changed nothing in that regard.  However, there was one potential bright note concerning the lower bay.   The City has been talking about "one and done," having the Army Corps of Engineers dredge  to original design depth, at which time  the City would take over all responsibility for the harbor.  Congressman Campbell said that if we can show it would save the federal government money, he could support such a program.

At the last Aerie hearing, unlike earlier go-rounds, the concept of a marina--a rather large marina--was presented, and this raised questions that weren't addressed in the Mitigated Negative Declaration.  After some discussion, the owner has agreed that an Environmental Impact Report should be done, and once it is complete we will be going through the public hearing process again.

As mentioned, there is a proposed house at the juncture of Begonia and Pacific that will alter the view from the park.  The Planning Commission approved the structure, but at the request of residents I appealed the decision so that the City Council can take a second look in terms of General Plan policies.

At a recent presentation on the fire danger presented by Buck Gully, it became clear that Belmont Village (formerly Crown Cove) represented a unique hazard.  Because of the number of people living there, and the fact that many of them need some assistance, most of the fire fighting resources would be monopolized by efforts to evacuate there.  Fire Marshall Steve Bunting met with the management, and they stepped up, clearing the slopes of potential fire material, and now he feels that if there were a fire, those buildings could be protected by a single engine, freeing up critical resources for other areas.

If your closets, drawers and garage need some more space, do a good cleaning  and take the results to the Oasis for the rummage sale.  It raises a good chunk of change for the Friends who do so much to support the work of Oasis.  Then you'll want to go to the sale itself to fill up all those empty closets and drawers.  The sale is September 26 and 27 from 9:00 am – 2:00 pm.  Delivery days are September 15-24, 9:00 am – 1:00 pm, Room 3.  No clothing, luggage, large furniture.




This is a two-way process, so please don’t hesitate to contact me with your ideas and opinions.




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