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By an agreement with the City, Narconon is closing its facility on the Peninsula in February, 2010. There has been criticism of the council for making deals with group home operators. Here is the thinking: Narconon applied for a use permit which might have been granted. If the permit was denied, it could still apply for reasonable accommodation which might have been granted. With an agreement, the termination is a sure thing. As to the length of time, if they followed the preceding process and were denied at each level, a process that would undoubtedly take us into the new year, they would have to close within a year from the date of denial, by the end of their lease or the expiration of their license, whichever is sooner. Since their lease is up in February, 2010, this was the date agreed on. There is nothing in the agreement to prevent future operations, but if Narconon wishes to open a new facility at some point it will be under the City’s group home ordinance, meaning it will have to apply for a use permit and, if successful, locate in an MFR (multi-family) area.

The Corona del Mar parking study has been completed, and based on the study, a proposed year-long pilot program will be presented to the community focusing on the narrow section south of PCH between approximately Avocado and Goldenrod where there is a concentration of restaurants. The proposal includes a public parking lot to be set aside for employees, a two-hour parking time limit on PCH and nearby streets, and parking permits for those living there. If accepted, the program will be watched carefully to see if it relieves problems or simply shifts them.

Ron Yeo, architect and activist, has an idea for another vista along Ocean Boulevard in CdM. This one is above China Cove, directly left of the Kerckhoff Marine Laboratory. The City has an easement down the slope. His idea is to establish seating on the bluff there and to extend the sidewalk as well as landscaping to create a verdant area where right now there is nothing but an exceptionally wide street.

As everyone knows, there’s a drought. If we don’t get some rain soon, the Metropolitan Water District could begin mandatory cut backs in March, if not sooner, and in anticipation, the City just adopted a resolution for a voluntary 10% cut in water usage city-wide. On the bright side, if the Met does start to ration, we are in much better shape than many cities. Since we have been reducing our water consumption over the years, we will be penalized less than cities who have been more lavish. Also, we have greatly lessened our dependence on water from the Met over the years, so the impact is further diminished.

Well, we’re making progress. The City Attorney’s office is proposing an ordinance that would limit stays within 500 yards of the swim line to 72 hours. Concern has been expressed by the Harbor Patrol about enforcement, always an issue, but if the ordinance is passed at least we will have a tool to help prevent Big Corona from looking like the marine version of an RV camp as it did last summer.

It was ugly and expensive. Robo-calls and Independent Expenditure Committees seem a bit over the top for something that is supposed to be a part-time, non-partisan position. Anyway, at last it’s over.

To the winners, build bridges. To the losers, stay engaged.





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