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Apparently weíre the wealthiest city of our size in the country. If thatís so weíve got to be the most dressed-down big-bucks burg there is. When I hear ďwealthiestĒ Iím thinking designer togs, styling haircuts and diamonds as big as the Ritz, but if you go to the CdM Farmerís Market on Saturday the people there could be the actual farmers for all the glamour they (we) exude. Itís a lot more Gap than Gucci, baseball caps instead of bouffants, and the big accessory item is a reusable cotton bag. And this extends throughout town. Granted, some of the boats in front of the Bay Club would bring a smile from a Greek shipping tycoon, but it seems to me we wear our wealth pretty modestly-- which is a style in itself.

The Corona del Mar BID (Business Improvement District) has basically redesigned the village, and if you donít believe it, look at photos of CdM from fifteen years ago and compare that stark PCH with the verdant thoroughfare of today. The latest effort of the BID is to improve the mix of businesses in the village. Theyíll be asking residents what they would like to see in town (you can send your ideas to me, if you want, but think small. We donít have space for a Home Depot). Also, if youíre traveling and find a business you think would fit well, get a business card from the establishment. In both cases, the material will be given to the Cityís Economic Development team for follow up. It doesnít have to be limited to CdM, either. Ideas for the rest of town are welcome.

The Task Force is finalizing its suggestions and they will range from cutting edge ideas like sharrows to mainstream entries like more bike racks. We have discovered a lot of places in town that donít have racks, and many are exactly where we would like more bike transportation such as the Wedge. The final report should be out in April.

There has been a lot of erosion over the last decade in Lower Buck Gully, as has been reported, and staff came up with both a plan to fix it and a plan to fund it, namely, a grant, but it looked like a no-go initially because the City needed easements from a number of property owners and many of them were a little leery, but staff worked hard to answer their questions, and we got the necessary rights so that we can proceed with the project which will go a long way toward stabilizing the vulnerable areas.

The City is making a concerted effort to build a coalition to insure the controls remain in place at JWA. This began with outreach to the immediate corridor cities, and there are regular meetings with them. The next step is expanding the coalition to other cities. Mayor Curry, City Manager Kiff and I had lunch the other day with our counterparts from Laguna Beach, and they took the matter back to their council which approved a resolution of support. Other cities are currently being contacted.

IRWD is doing an eight-month project which will mean lane closures on Newport Coast Drive including the bike lanes. At this point I donít have a contact, but Iím assuming that there will be information on IRWDís web site,




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