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Be prepared. Thatís the purpose of biannual Emergency Operation Center drills which train staff to handle a disaster situation. I observed part of this yearís drill which took place at the current EOC at police headquarters. The simulated disaster was a 7.1 earthquake, and as the day went on, numerous incidents were reported and dealt with: fires, collapsed buildings, road slides, an interview with Anderson Cooper (if he can visit New Orleans he can come here). I got there at the beginning, and everything was ready to go, but it was pointed out that in a real situation, it would take about two hours to make this EOC functional. That will be another benefit of the new civic center. It will have a dedicated EOC which can be up and running within minutes.

We had a meeting with the Army Corps of Engineers (ACE) to meet Colonel Toy, the new commander for our area, who seemed quite aware of the cityís issues. Everything depends on funding, but at this point thereís money in the federal budget to make a start on the lower bay dredging during the next fiscal year. Letís hope the money stays in the budget. The other good news was that ACE wants to do a cleanup of the salt water marsh at this end of the Santa Ana River, and it will be an opportunity for the city to coordinate and get the Newport slough area dredged as well. The city made it clear to ACE that we have funding for our share of the project.

Before the end of the year, weíll have a study session on boat size and overhang in the harbor. Right now a boat can overhang the pier or slip by the width of its beam. As boats get bigger, the overhang has become greater, and now there is a proposal to bring a new charter boat into the harbor, the biggest yet, so it seems like a good time to review the policy to be sure that it is keeping pace with the times.

The Newport Beach Historical Society has rather lapsed in the last few years, but thereís an effort to revitalize it, launched with a Bawdy Balboa evening celebrating my father. They had almost one hundred people at the Pavilion, with old friends relating anecdotes and reading from Bawdy Balboa and his old Daily Pilot columns. They also had copies of Bawdy Balboa available, to my surprise since I didnít know there were any left. The evening was taped and can be seen on Timeless Treasures on NBTV. For more information on the society, go to

Everything I read and hear says that despite everyoneís stated dislike of them, negative campaigns work. At the local level, one mailer suggested weíre a vote away from being the City of Bell. I donít know whether itís because weíre an informed and educated community or people just liked the other candidate, but in this case, the negative campaign didnít work. As for robocalls, I donít buy anything over the phone whether itís carpet cleaning or candidates so I spent a great deal of time the past month hanging up. If I were more disciplined, I wouldnít answer in the first place.


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