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I previously mentioned my disappointment at the initial proposal for the current city hall site, a disappointment shared by other council members and a number of residents. The second draft will be presented at the January 11 council meeting, and Iím not very optimistic after the letter from one of the major property owners which had pretty much of a take-it-or-leave it tone as to plans for their property. Itís unfortunate because the whole idea was to take this unique opportunity and create a plan that would lift the whole area, but that requires cooperation from all the parties, not just the city.

Or a womanís and youíve really touched the passion, something very clear with the Bike Safety Committee. We had a full house again and intense discussions on some broad-based topicsĖthe development of a good bicycle trails map for the city, for exampleĖand some things only enthusiasts probably care about like bike braking distances. Next up is a community outreach effort to get reaction to having sharrows (share-the road-pavement markings like the recently painted ones on Bayside) on PCH in Corona del Mar. Sharrows are not bike lane designations but are often used when there is no room for a bike lane. They are meant to remind drivers and cyclists that the law requires them both to share the road. The sharrows would not reduce existing street parking.


There was a program in the early days of television. In addition to Crusader Rabbit it had Engineer Bill who did red light/green light with milk. We all drank along and learned that red light means stop. Itís a lesson some of our residents seem to have forgotten. The other day I was following a car as we approached an intersection where our light was red. It was red as we approached. It was red as we stopped. It remained red as the other car drove across. Itís bad enough to slide through intersections when the light has just turned red, but to basically ignore it? I guess these people are so important that the rules donít apply to them.

A recent proposal suggested eliminated fishing at certain public piers. This could be contentious since both sides have advocates. On the fishing side, there is traditionĖfor a lot of people this is where they first fishedĖand economics. People who canít afford to own or rent boats can still fish, thanks to public piers. On the boating side, there is the argument that the main purpose of public piers is to provide temporary tie-ups so that people can go ashore and that those fishing either donít understand or choose to ignore docking rights which can lead to conflict. I used to think that it was only dogs and trees that aroused emotion, but anything to do with the harbor seems to get out a good crowd as well.

People who live near open space donít necessarily welcome the idea of an active sports park, and I understand that. Iím less understanding when it comes to using such an area as a tool in the Banning Ranch battle, which is what is happening with Sunset Ridge Park. The result will undoubtedly be delays in the development of the much-anticipated youth soccer and baseball fields and money spent on legal fees that could have been used for upgrades. Such, however, is the way of the world when it comes to these things.

The councilís annual planning session is currently scheduled for the morning of Saturday, February 5. The location has yet to be announced, but in the past itís been at the main library. If itís there and you plan to come, bring a cushion. The chairs in the Friends Room get awfully hard.


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