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The census is done, the numbers are in, and all over the country lines are being redrawn, including right here in Newport Beach.  The census showed that District 6 had quite a few more people than some other districts—no problem in my book, but apparently we are required to  try and make it more proportional.  To that end, the redistricting task force (Rosansky, Curry, Gardner) is reviewing options before making a recommendation to the council.  Option 1 moved Balboa Island to District 1, and we heard immediately from Island residents that it takes more than a ferry boat to make a connection. Staff prepared a second option, and three more have been offered which can be seen on the City’s website at The next meeting of the committee is Thursday, August 4, 4 pm, at Oasis Senior Center if you would like to participate.



Mike Henn, Ed Selich and I were recently interviewed by a reporter from Marketplace—an NPR program.  She wanted to talk about sea level rise which is something the Tidelands Management Committee is exploring.  I was curious as to why she had contacted us since we are at the very beginning of our efforts, but according to her, we’re one of the few cities she was able to discover that are even thinking about the subject, let alone actually making plans.  This is a good Newport tradition—taking the long view which has certainly helped us in areas like water supply.



A Request for Proposals was issued in the winter for the Big Corona concession.  There was only one respondent, and after making inquiries, staff determined that the parameters, which included year-round activity, were too stringent.  A new RFP is being issued which will focus on the summer season.  Meanwhile, beachgoers are being sustained by the Wahoo’s and Flavor Rush trucks.


Those of a certain age will remember Dorothy Collins singing this song on the Hit Parade. Today, the question isn’t how much but where that doggy’s from. That’s the crux of an argument about a new pet store in Corona del Mar—where the puppies come from. The owners say they’ve done their homework and buy only from approved breeders as opposed to puppy mills. Those in opposition disagree, and also feel that the standards of approval are woefully low. Some insist the store shouldn’t have any live animals (nor should the city allow any such sales in Newport Beach), some would be okay if they offered dogs from shelters, and still others feel it’s a legitimate business and should be allowed to succeed or fail according to the market. The controversy seems likely to continue.

GADFLY (a short history)
Random House Unabridged: “A person who repeatedly and persistently annoys others with schemes, ideas, demands, requests, etc.” Wikipedia: “. . . someone who persistently challenges people in positions of power, the status quo or a popular position.” I agree with the definition (echoed in Webster’s New World Dictionary and the Shorter OED): they are persistent. Newport’s gadflies don’t just show up at council meetings. Some go to more city meetings than I do. And, as in the definition, they challenge many actions and policies. All of this can be annoying at times, particularly when the homework hasn’t been done or the facts have been cherry picked to fit a particular position. However, gadflies have an illustrious history. Wikipedia goes on to say, “. . . used by Plato in the Apology to describe Socrates’ relationship of uncomfortable goad to the Athenian political scene,” and every city needs its gadflies (note Bell and absent thereof). We are no exception. Those constantly scrutinizing eyes are one more layer of protection. So to all our gadflies: Would my life be easier without you? Probably. Would I like you to go away? Often. Do I listen and consider what you say? Yes, unless you start to comment on every single item at which time my eyes cross or you start to harangue when my ears close, but otherwise—you’ve got my attention.


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