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newsletter:  MARCH 2014


There's always a lot going on in our city.  In addition to what I highlighted last month:

SUNSET RIDGE AND MARINA PARK— high visibility projects that are finally underway.  Speaking of Marina Park, it's surprising how big the area is without the trailers.  You don't really get a sense of it driving by.  This will have a heavy marine orientation in terms of activities.

WEST NEWPORT COMMUNITY CENTER—Although there will be no groundbreaking this year, we should decide on a location for a community center in West Newport.  This would replace the one on          15th Street and include a basketball court as well as many of the amenities of the Oasis fitness center.

NEWPORT PIER—After some discussion, it was decided to continue with a restaurant, so we should see the selection of a tenant and possibly construction.

LOWER CASTAWAYS—Access to the bay is always welcome, and Lower Castaways should be open to the public soon for kayak and paddleboard launches as well as a hub for cyclists. Meanwhile, the Harbor Commission is working on the larger concept.

TREES—The Parks, Beaches and Recreation Commission will be working on a review of our tree policies, and we have increased our tree budget so that we can plant more.

PLANS AND STUDIES—We will have both an arts master plan and a bicycle master plan to provide a more holistic approach in those areas; the results of a parking study in Corona del Mar to help develop better integration of existing parking while minimizing impacts on residents; a proposed General Plan amendment to be voted on in November, and lots more including . . .

Mayor Hill has resurrected the idea of a water taxi which will be studied by the Harbor Commission.  We have reviewed it before, and at that time, the conclusion was that it couldn't be done without city subsidies.  If it's the same conclusion this time,  then we will need to decide 1) if the city wants to subsidize transportation and 2) if we do, is a water taxi the best place for our money, or would there be greater parking and traffic benefits with some sort of ground transport like trams.  The problem with both is our layout.  For a tram system, you almost have to have two systems, one for each side of the bay, and for a water taxi, you've got to have a good number of boats because of the length of the harbor.   We'll see what the Harbor Commission advises.

Another Mayor Hill initiative is floating docks, small docks that can cluster a larger number of boats in a smaller space.   The idea is to consolidate part of the mooring fields to provide more open water for harbor activities and to provide better facilities for mooring holders.  Concerns expressed so far include water quality, view blockage and noise.  Again, we'll see what the Harbor Commission advises.

Since there are still yard signs I'm assuming not everyone knows that we will not be outsourcing the CdM guards.  After reviewing the proposals, there were no savings.  I realize the process is uncomfortable since no one likes to be the subject of possible outsourcing, but the exercise is helpful in determining areas where the private sector is not the better option.  




This is a two-way process, so please donít hesitate to contact me with your ideas and opinions.  My email address for city business is: Donít worry if you forget it. Iíll still be using the AOL one, too.


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