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newsletter:  JUNE 2014

Some months ago, it seemed we had an agreement with Coastal Commission staff that they would attend the meetings of the Local Coastal Plan Implementation Committee.  That way we could have face-to-face discussions over the many thorny areas we need to cover, speeding up the process.  They came to one meeting, and we haven't seen them since.  They haven't abandoned the process, but apparently it's more convenient (comfortable?) for them to meet privately with city staff instead of with the committee and the various members of the public who might be present.  Anyway, things are progressing. When the committee completes the initial plan, we will develop an overview which shows who benefits (all those who no longer have to go to the CCC for a development permit, for example) and who loses (potentially, residents on coastal bluffs and gullies who might be restricted in their ability to develop their property).  If the council decides that the pluses outweigh the minuses, the plan will be submitted to CCC for approval.  If not, we could continue as we are, paying the $1000/month penalty for not having a certified plan.

Working to reduce the water in Buck Gully we learned that the problem wasn't just runoff from surrounding properties. It was also rising groundwater, a byproduct of years of irrigating landscape and golf courses, which was now adding to the stream.  At a recent Tidelands Management Committee, we learned that groundwater is going to be an issue with sea level rise, as well.  As the sea level rises, the groundwater will also rise.  This means that in areas such as the Peninsula and Balboa Island, people could actually see water in their homes, and not just under extreme tides.  One of the things we will have to consider in the future is whether to require higher floor elevations in vulnerable areas.  Like everything else having to do with sea level rise, such a move would come with various complications.

At the recent Balboa Island Parade (which was terrific, as usual), I was following an old car with an old exhaust system.  The fumes from the car were significant.  People along the route were holding their noses, especially the kids who've grown up with lead-free gas, catalytic converters, etc., and didn't know what to make of this stinky mess.   An hour after the parade my eyes were still burning.  It's hard to imagine what our air would be like if we hadn't made the changes we have.  It's also a good reminder to continue to seek ways that improve our air quality. 

The ravens this spring seemed particularly noisy.  One, in particular, would flit from the roof of a house across the street to a tree next door and perch for minutes at a time squawking.  At one point the noise was so annoying I threw a eucalyptus pod at the offending bird, missing by several feet since I have neither arm nor aim.  The next day I went walking up the street, and the raven launched itself at me, missing my head by inches before perching itself on a branch.  We eyed each other for several moments, and then I had the wisdom to remember my Poe.  "Nevermore," I intoned. Seemingly satisfied, it flew off, and since that time I have walked unmolested--although I noticeseveral others have not been so lucky.

Don't forget this fun event.  It's Saturday, June 7, and has 5Ks for men and women, a fun walk, a Dolphin Dash for kids, plus a great food course.  Go to the city web site or the CdM Chamber of Commerce for more information, or just show up the day of the race.




This is a two-way process, so please donít hesitate to contact me with your ideas and opinions.  My email address for city business is: Donít worry if you forget it. Iíll still be using the AOL one, too.


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