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newsletter:  JULY 2014

Dover Drive has been messed up for months.  As soon as work there is completed, it's on to PCH through Mariner's Mile.  A pain in the you-know-what?  For sure, but these are OCSD projects.  You know--the sewage guys.   So as painful as it all is, it is also necessary because just as we want certain things to move safely and smoothly through our bodies, we want the same things to move safely and smoothly through the city, and the replacement of aging pipes is necessary to insure this.  The city and OCSD will work to minimize traffic impacts, but it is difficult when a major thoroughfare is involved.  Fortunately, with knowledge comes not only power but easier transits.  So to help you plan your trips better, these two resources will help: and

At the last Coastal Commission meeting, held in Huntington Beach, the commissioners were invited on a tour of Banning Ranch.  I signed up, feeling this would be an opportunity to chat with a commissioner or two and tell them some of the cool things we've done in the city, things that I don't think they're aware of and that might encourage a better view of the city, but CCC staff apparently felt that us commoners mixing with the commissioners was a bad idea--so bad that the rest of us weren't pushed to the back of the commissioners' bus.  We weren't even allowed on it.  Yes, we had our own bus which was equal, but it was also separate, so there was no chance of chatter as we drove, and even when we got off the bus there was little mingling as CCC staff kept their precious cargo  tightly corralled at each stop.   One bold commissioner actually broke away, and seeing my opportunity, I tracked him down, and we talked for a few minutes.  He didn't seem any the worse for our brief contact although staff might disagree.  Meanwhile, speaking of the CCC, the General Plan/Local Coastal Plan Implementation Committee is nearing completion of its work which will be submitted to the council for approval and then on to the CCC.

The council will be addressing proposed changes to the Land Use Element of the General Plan at the July 8 meeting.  Whatever is proposed will go to the voters in November. The EIR is available on the city's web site. 

Some local residents would like to see some sort of historical designation for the CdM footbridge.  I have asked that the council consider this, and if my fellow members agree, I imagine the project will be sent to the Parks, Beaches and Recreation Commission for their review and advice.  On the same geographical plane but on a different note, there has also been a suggestion that we put a plaque at the inland side of the bridge to commemorate Rex Brandt's studio, Blue Sky, which was located there on Goldenrod.  As most of you know, he was not only a renowned painter but the designer of the city seal.  And speaking of him, we will be doing something to celebrate his centennial.  Stay tuned.

The Harbor Commission presented its findings on a proposed water taxi service.  The conclusions weren't particularly startling.  Because it's such a big harbor, a bus-type service is more workable than a taxi-type service, and whatever kind of service it would need to be subsidized.  There are a number of issues that have to be addressed (Do we want to subsidize transit?  If we do, is this the form that brings the most benefit?  If public piers are the "bus stations," what about parking in areas like Balboa Island which is already parking-challenged?  What ADA adjustments would we have to make to the piers?), and it was clear that while some council members were enthusiastic, a few of us were less so, so we've asked staff to come up with some rough costs before committing any more time to the idea.



This is a two-way process, so please donít hesitate to contact me with your ideas and opinions.  My email address for city business is: Donít worry if you forget it. Iíll still be using the AOL one, too.


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