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newsletter:  OCTOBER 2014

Just when we thought we could turn the fans off--more heat which doesn't help the current drought.  To cope, the state has mandated we move into another level of water conservation.  For the city, this includes irrigation restrictions.  This doesn't mean you can't water.  It just means you have to water on certain days (except Sunday when we all can).  To find out your days, look at your water bill in the section Important Information; go to and enter your address in the section What are my Watering Days; or call 644-3388.  There are also a number of programs offering rebates to upgrade irrigation systems, replace turf, etc.  To learn more, go to

The CdM BID held a meeting to discuss further efforts to upgrade the commercial district.  It wasn't that well-attended, but the group made up in creativity what it lacked in numbers. The BID presented the idea of taking each street corner along PCH and putting a mosaic-like interpretation of the street flower in the pavement. This met with a mixed reception, with one concern expressed that particularly at Marguerite there is already so much going on it would look cluttered.  Alternative ideas offered by those in attendance included decorative paving for the sidewalks, part of the original vision; banners emblazoned with the appropriate flower; and street signs with the flower incised on the post.  Outreach will continue with hopefully more people getting involved.

Every semester I go down to the Newport pier and give a brief talk to Laird Hayes's OCC surf classes, usually something about the environment.  At the last one, one of the students who lives in the area asked about permit parking.  I told him that permit parking was being proposed for the Balboa Village area, but that it would be a challenge to get it through the Coastal Commission which is concerned about the impacts such programs present to public access. It was like that moment when your child comes to you, and you are forced to admit--to your infinite sorrow which is actually much greater than the child's--that there is no Santa Claus. The resident looked at me in shock. The Coastal Commission could tell the city what to do?  Yes, it certainly could and does, along with the State Lands Commission, Water Quality Control Board, AQMD--like the beat, the list goes on.  We are not masters of the galaxy.  Often we aren't even masters of our own little city.

I was asked by the Orange County chapter of the Green Building Council to judge several categories in its recent Most Sustainable competition.  It's pretty impressive what some in the private sector are doing.  Among the winners--local coffee house Kean's in the most sustainable restaurant/retail category;  the Environmental Nature Center, ngo; ORCO Block, manufacturer; Snyder Langston, construction; Parker Properties; developer.  What was also impressive was a room full of young people committed to making their businesses greener--and with the education to do it.

The north end of Ocean Boulevard is due for new concrete.  The area is very wide and not very attractive because of all that concrete, so ideas are being reviewed for additional landscaping as well as better pedestrian mobility and improving the entrance to China Cove.  Whatever is proposed, it will be presented to the community for evaluation and feedback before any decisions are made.  A presentation may take place at the November CdM Residents Association meeting (Nov. 20, 7:30 am, Oasis Senior Center).  Check their website to see (

Your vote in November will shape the city for the next four years and beyond.  If you get this newsletter, you're already involved, but it's only a small portion of the population that pays much attention to local government (until something happens on their street).  Reach out and encourage your neighbors to learn as much about the issues and candidates as they can . . . or considering all the conflicting mailers, robocalls, etc., they will be receiving, maybe you should just tell them how to vote.



This is a two-way process, so please donít hesitate to contact me with your ideas and opinions.  My email address for city business is: Donít worry if you forget it. Iíll still be using the AOL one, too.


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